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Apply with our quick & easy – good, bad, & no credit car loan application we will get you driving your new or pre-owned vehicle ASAP

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Relax while the best auto finance professionals negotiate with banks for the lowest interest rates and bargain on the price of the vehicle itself

You Will Never Receive A Bill From Us
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Drive away happy in your shiny new vehicle knowing you chose the smartest option. We also can deliver almost anywhere in Canada!!

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Bad or No credit

Using our industry secrets and massive bank connections we secure a much higher rate of approvals than anyone else

Good Credit

With our prime banks you receive the lowest interest rates in the country even better than your own bank

We Work With You

We do not work for the dealership. We are independently run and work with you to achieve your goals

Lowest Rates

We always negotiate the lowest rate with the banks

0% Financing

Available to those who qualify 

Vehicle Prices Negotiated

Pay the lowest price possible on your next vehicle

Huge Inventory

New & pre-owned vehicles from multiple AAA dealerships. Greater selection means better prices and options

Warranty Discounts

10-25% off after market warranties

Finance Experts

Our experts have been reducing interest rates for over 10 years & have helped 1000’s of clients

Trade Ins

Even if you still owe money on the loan we can still get you a vehicle & negotiate the best trade in value for your trade*
*some conditions may apply

Finance or Lease

Get a great deal on financing or leasing a vehicle

Cut Out the Middle Men

No bargaining with pushy sales people, go right to a decision maker that actually gets you approved

Banks For All Credit Levels

Finance or lease new & pre-owned with the largest selection of top auto lenders

And more!!

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Do you have a low credit score, late payments, collections, or a bankruptcy?

No matter what shape your credit is in you deserve great service, your interest rates dropped and the best deal on the vehicle of your choice. Mr Car Loans’ finance managers are EXPERTS in all credit levels but especially bad credit car loans in Winnipeg. Our massive banking contacts and industry secrets have the highest approvals. Where other finance managers fail we approve!!


You have developed, maintained and protected your credit, don’t you want a bank to recognize this in the form of a reduced interest rate?

We can reduce your rate even further than your personal bank can, as well as tailor the structure of your payments to your needs because we only use dedicated banks with specialized programs for good credit auto loans. There are also other perks only available to our prime credit customers.

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Looking for the best deal on a car lease in Winnipeg?

We have access to more major domestic (Ford, Chevrolet, etc) and import (Honda, Toyota, BMW, etc) dealerships and leasing companies than any auto group in Winnipeg. This gives you access to many lease programs, the best promotional offers, and not only the major auto leasing but numerous 3rd party leasing companies that have more relaxed leasing requirements. This means that we can outdo everyone else in providing the best options available to you.

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Do you want the lowest rate on your next SUV lease in Winnipeg?

Providing more lease options than any other company in Winnipeg you will be amazed at the selection of makes and models that we can give you access to. Domestic and import auto companies. Top auto manufacturer leasing companies as well as 3rd party leasing options.

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Is 0% auto finance a must have for you?

We can provide 0% from many of our dealership contacts. Not all auto manufacturers offer this but we will direct you to the ones that do and if you qualify, make sure you get the most out of the arrangement.

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Is in house financing the option you are looking for?

There are a few very reputable dealerships and auto groups in Winnipeg that provide this service. We have many very happy clients we have advised in this direction and are now on the path to traditional financing once gain.

To apply for in house financing in house financing Winnipeg (click here)

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Are you looking to lease car, truck, SUV or van?

All of our major partners lease from their dealerships. When you choose Mr. Car Loans to assist you we will bring you to the best option according to your needs, whether thats credit history, or your specific desires. Let us do all the work and find the best leasing program for the lowest rate.

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Do you want the best deal when financing your next vehicle?

Searching for that perfect vehicle thats suits your needs can be a pain in the you know what. Travelling from dealership to dealership (sometimes in the dead of winter) only excites very few people. Then once you find that vehicle how do you know if the finance person is giving you the best rate they can? You don’t. Let us do the leg work and the only thing that will be cold is the cold hard cash you will save on your next purchase.


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