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Using our industry secrets and massive bank connections we secure a much higher rate of approvals than anyone else

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With our prime banks you receive the lowest interest rates in the country even better than your own bank

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We do not work for the dealership. We are independently run and work with you to achieve your goals

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We always negotiate the lowest rate with the banks

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New & pre-owned vehicles from multiple AAA dealerships. Greater selection means better prices and options

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10-25% off after market warranties

Finance Experts

Our experts have been reducing interest rates for over 10 years & have helped 1000’s of clients

Trade Ins

Even if you still owe money on the loan we can still get you a vehicle & negotiate the best trade in value for your trade*
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Car Loans in Winnipeg can be painless when using our great service. Mr. Car Loans Winnipeg is a one stop shop that attends to every need in the vehicle financing and purchasing process.

The average Winnipeger will spend up to 14 hours researching vehicles online before even going to visit a dealership. Then once they have found a few options they will then visit 3-4 dealerships before ultimately making a decision. Doesn’t this sound like a lot of time, work and dealing with pushy sales tactics?

Our free service is a one stop shop. Once you apply one of our finance agents will get in contact with you to make sure we have all your specific needs detailed in our notes and then we get to work securing an approval with the auto bank that will benefit you and that best suits your credit situation.

If you have good or great credit we will secure a better rate than even your personal bank would be able to offer. The automotive branch of the banks (available to dealers only) can always beat the top 5 banks or even credit unions but you have to know industry secrets and have the right contacts. Luckily we have both!!

If you are in a bad credit situation you are in the right place. When your credit isn’t the best, approvals are harder to get and the interest rates can be sky-high.Mr. Car Loans only partners with bad credit car loan experts, to not only get you approved but to reduce your rate which can potentially save you $1000’s.

Our car loan finance professionals have helped 1000’s of clients from every background achieve the best possible outcome with their loans. Experience and years of established contacts with major bank reps translate into the lowest rates for you. You know the saying “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” and although this is only one aspect to this equation it definitely makes a huge impact.

Everyone has heard and seen the “Lowest interest rates!!” claims by some dealerships. Most of the time these are just sales tactics to get you in the door. At Mr. Car Loans we work your application like its the only one we have. Getting you the best deal possible not only makes everyone happier and our job more enjoyable but the best way to sell more vehicles is by referrals. If we do an amazing job you may refer a friend or family member in the future, as well as choose us when it comes time for a newer model. So we have a vested interest in our results blowing the competition away.

Once we have secured the best approval possible we will search for a vehicle that matches your needs. In the case that you do not know what vehicle suits your needs we would be more than happy to suggest some options and guide you towards a vehicle that meets or exceeds your needs.

Mr. car loans works with a number of Auto Groups in Winnipeg and all over Canada with new or preowned Cars, SUVs, Trucks, and Vans. These are all well established dealerships, not your junkyard specials. This may not seem like a big deal but this will save you hours even days of searching for your vehicle as well as have a higher degree of getting the best deal on a vehicle with no accidents, options that you will enjoy and ultimately a vehicle you will be happy with for years to come.

The next step for our agents is to bargain the price of the vehicle/s. We are experts at this as we have all been in the auto industry for 10+ years as well as have a working relationship with the management of each dealership. For a lot of our clients, this is the least favorite part of the car loan process. Fortunately, when you use our service we do an exceptional job in this area.

Now that we have secured the approval, negotiated the best rate with the banks for your loan, and bargained with the dealerships on the price of the vehicle itself you will meet the finance pro at the dealership to test drive the vehicle/s. Once you are amazed at what we have provided, you sign the dotted line and drive away happy.

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